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AR Object

AR Object

preview The Lego Movie 2

Configurator, tutorial or games! Bring your mascots and products to life in Augmented Reality.

Face Mask

Face Mask

preview TF1 – Mask Singer

Product Try-on, Cosplay or Makeup! Showcase your products in Augmented Reality.



preview Coca Cola – Xmas Marker
Augment your printed campagins: poster, flyers, magazines. Showcase your product in Augmnted Reality!

Certified partner

myReality by Atomic Digital Design is an official creative partner of Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram. This guarantees you a fully optimized production. Our team masters both 2D/3D animation and AR development skillsets and always keep updated of new features and trends.

preview Longchamp LGP

Product Try-on

Experimenting a product through AR Lens or Effect is the new black! Either in Facemask or in AR object, every product can easily find its first try on social network with AR. And as we use to say: trying it is adopting it!


Augmented Reality is a technology that can be used in many forms. Tutorials is a very useful way to take advantage of AR. In a world where users need constantly the ease of use, Augmented Reality tutorials are the best innovative and friendly way to learn how your products work.

preview Marlette Recipe
preview Citroën Configurator


Another great useful way of using augmented reality is through Configurator experiences. Showcase your product and allow your users to configure its color, shape, or any sort of features. Augmented Reality is perfect to drive your audience through customization.


Augmented Reality is a great opportunity for the entertainment industry. Digital Games are now a powerful communication tool for brands. Through AR you can push further the way Games are creating your brand preference.

preview Tony Hawk – Pro Skater
preview Cyberpunk 2077


Dressing up is one of the favorite experiences users do the most with augmented reality. Of course Facemasks are very appropriate to do so. Glasses, Hats, Make up, and much more… boost your Brand in Cosplay mode!

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On Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram

preview Dior Cruise 2021

Dior Cruise 2021

Dior Cruise 2021
preview adidas Originals – ZX Boost

adidas Originals – ZX Boost

adidas Originals – ZX Boost
preview Citroën Configurator

Citroën Configurator

Citroën Configurator
preview adidas – Supercourt

adidas – Supercourt

adidas – Supercourt
preview Walking Dead: World Beyond

Walking Dead: World Beyond

Walking Dead: World Beyond
preview Samsung Galaxy Bronze

Samsung Galaxy Bronze

Samsung Galaxy Bronze
preview Santa Coca Cola

Santa Coca Cola

Santa Coca Cola
preview FitTrack


preview Crash Bandicoot 4

Crash Bandicoot 4

Crash Bandicoot 4
preview Coca Cola – Euro

Coca Cola – Euro

Coca Cola – Euro
preview PNL – Au DD


preview Guerlain – Bloom a Wish

Guerlain – Bloom a Wish

Guerlain – Bloom a Wish
preview Dior Christmas Packaging

Dior Christmas Packaging

Dior Christmas Packaging
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Innovating is our Mission 🚀

We partner up with marketing and innovative organizations in order to deliver tailor-made experiences according to our client’s strategic goals. From the ideation to the deployment, through the production process, our team of specialists concentrate the best of its brainpower to push technical and creative boundaries. We work with our network of Brands, Agencies and Technological companies to make sure that your content and experiences always make the greatest impact on your audience.

They 💜 myReality
They trust us !

  • Atomic Digital Design is at the cutting edge of the augmented reality trend. When we started with them, they immediately understood the project stakes and exploring all the possibilities in order to ensure the success of our ambitions. Whether it be digital products, social-media strategies or a general support, they showed technical understanding and creativity to achieve long term projects.

  • We regularly work with Atomic Digital Design on augmented reality campaigns destined to social networks. Always in a good mood, the Atomic team always meets our creative ambitions and is flexible and reactive when it comes to our tight schedules. We are so happy with this partnership that always leads to beautiful and acclaimed projects.

  • Atomic Digital Design teams truly exercice a remarquable agility towards delivering the France Team project. Thanks to them we were able to present an exclusive augmented reality experience to our clients on 30 millions cans in the food market and soon 25 millions cans outside homes. The deadline was really short, there were many constraints and yet the good spirit and commitment were always there.
    Alix Prouet

    Digital Senior Manager

  • Working with the Atomic team to bring our creative idea of "Live Your True Health" using the power of augmented reality was an amazing experience. From the initial brief to creative concepting to final execution, the team was a pleasure to collaborate with. The passion and commitment they showed to our brand, the consumer and the movement we are trying to build was exemplary. I look forward to partnering with them again and continuing to elevate and change the way our consumers interact with our brand.
    Nick Skotidas

    VP Marketing

  • The Atomic team are wonderful to work with: fast-working, excellent communicators and reliable at every stage of the process. Thanks to their creativity and expertise in the AR products the project came to life flawlessly. They guided us through the constraints of a tight timeline and it could not have been a smoother ride.
    Magali de Quillacq

    Partner Solutions Manager

  • The Atomic Digital Design team is very professional, always available and creative at the same time. Beside the quality of the production, it was a true pleasure working with them. Thank you for the beautiful achieved projects in record time, they’re only the beginning of a great work relationship.
    Stella Crespel

    Digital Media Manager

  • Reactivity, precision and expertise... Atomic has not only designed an awesome lens, but has accompanied us throughout the campaign to put it forward at best while adapting to our constraints for the launch of our SUN SNOW masks collection !
    Hadrien Louyot

    Digital Brand Manager

  • This first collab for the Smurf Mcdonald\'s Dual Lens has been a pleasure. We\'re glad to have worked with the team Atomic who was involved, responsive and very nice. They managed to respect our expectations, giving birth thus to a fun and quality experience available on the Happy Meal boxes.
    Salomé Jestin

    Creative Strategist

  • It was great to work with the Atomic team on a very last minute request for the production of the Eurovision AR filter. They respected the timeline and were always available for changes and adjustments, which resulted in a really good final product, delivered perfectly on time.
    Stefano Salucci

    Digital Community Manager

  • Available and enthusiastic, the Atomic teams have accompanied us throughout our project. From the design of the filter to the analysis of the data, we have benefited from their precious advice around this unique digital experience !
    Louna Lecomte

    Web & Social Project Manager

  • We are glad of our collab with Atomic. The Marlette lens goes perfectly with the launch of our Box for kids and gives an efficient overall communication through an original and funny experience. The Atomic team was very reliable and responsive to our needs.

    Project Manager

  • A successful first collaboration with a wonderful ‘myRealiteam’ who produced 2 amazing and funny animations that were realistic reflections of the festival.
    Emeline Lachenal

    Communication Manager

  • Atomic... is a full personalized AR filter which gives a unique digital experience to our community in order to increase interactions and visibilty ! An effective solution that contributed to our brand likeability. Thank you !
    Joanna Rosaz

    Head of Communication

  • What’s better than a filter in AR (...) to spice up your parties ?
    Garçon Magazine

  • Creative and responsive, the Atomic Team managed to produce in record time an animation completely in line with our expectations. Thanks again and see you soon for new adventures.
    Farid Lahlou


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About myReality Design

preview About myReality Design About myReality Design

As an integrated service of the agency Atomic Digital Design, myReality Design is located in the heart of Paris. With a manageable size, our team meets your tailor-made needs to produce all your content in Augmented Reality and Digital, in partnership with the most efficient social platforms. Feel free to consult us at any time.🚀