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AR Object

What's an Augmented Reality AR Object?

Augmented Reality object is the core experiment of this amazing technology. AR objects are perfect to discover products in an innovative marketing way. Through your back mobile camera, your audience is now able to move around AR Objects directly integrated in their environment.

How does AR Object work?

AR Object technology allows users to display (through the mobile camera) AR objects tracked on their current environment.

Imagine the User experience

First, we need to determine the user experience (UX), is it a product presentation? A animated character or mascot? A mini-game? Can the user interact with the object?

Create outstanding AR objects

Then, we create the AR materials according to the concept you choose and your brand graphic chart. AR objects can be almost everything you want, there is no actual creative limit! Except that the size must fit in 4 mo for SnapChat Lenses and 2 mo for Facebook/Instagram Effects.

Program cool interactions

It’s now time to develop the awesome details of your concept. For instance, the game mechanics or the different behaviours of a configurator that has to be set up.

Spread the Swag

Finally, we deploy and upload your filter in the different platform you choose depending on your audience. SnapChat, Facebook or Instagram.