Drive to Store with augmented reality – the Citroën case

6 August 2019 • by Antoine Vu3 min of reading
preview Drive to Store with augmented reality – the Citroën case
preview Configurateur Citroën

Let’s transform the retail approach: already at the heart of our smartphones, the augmented reality seems relevant to offer a true interaction between brands and their public. With the filter created for Citroën on Messenger, in partnership with Facebook, it’s a new drive-to-store vision, a new way to relate to the client and to discover the product that we tried to create.

Overachieve expectation : personalize your car in augmented reality with Facebook Messenger

In 2019 social media needs to meet with brands and their expectations. As of today it’s still difficult to apprehend the effect of a publicity campaign on sales especially when displayed in store. In sales, especially in retail, ensure that the client comes to the store is a true challenge. So won’t we start this work within his private messenger?

For the launch of their new SUV Citroën C5 Aircross in France, Citroën entrusted us with a task: interact with its fans ( and the target users for this particular theme) to introduce the car and its may possibilities. In store it’s complicated to display all the 540 possible combinations. To us the concept was obvious: create a augmented reality version that users can try. This exclusive french initiative allow the user to discover in a beta version on Messenger a meticulous reproduction of the Citroën rooster in 3D and a tool to personalize the colors of the base, the roof, rims, the inside theme and the opening roof ( or not).

Fully enjoying Messenger vast possibilities, the users receives his choices in the form of a summarizing card. He can also discuss with the chatbot about the car, its price and its technical specifics or share his choices on Facebook, book a tryout model in his Citroën store; ask for an offer or to obtain more information about the car.
Fully connected the experience allows each person to create its own car even before going to a store.

NB: During the F8 convention this year, Facebook announced that they would lighten Messenger abilities and more precisely its AR functionalities. The experience is actually not updated but we’ll continue to hope to offer it again soon ! 

Accompany a store : develop its potential without replacing it

The impact of the numerical tools doesn’t need to be proved anymore: renewing the client’s experience through social platforms offers a lot of new possibilities to interact with the user. Augmented reality in particular offers new perspectives for the retail and sale industries:

  • Trying the product in 3D, particularly popular in the fashion industry it allows the user to test, try a piece of cloth, shoes considering his preferences before he even set foot in the store ( even if this last step remains in this industry more careful).
    The power of brands on social networks can’t be ignore neither is the use of smartphones as connexion terminals. The Sun Snow filtre exemple created for the Izipizi glasses brand ( see exemple) or the unboxing augmented experience for Adidas Supercourt ( see exemple )
  • Aside from this, in a more direct approach, is the try at home of your new furnitures remains very convincing. Ikea on this matter is very innovative and among the first to allow its users to put the piece of furniture in context like a couch for exemple.
    With less margin of error, time saving and less efforts the furniture industry uses the AR at its full potential.
  • Informations directly in store: save in ressources by equipping your store with AR interaction points allowing information exchanges ( on the availability of colors for instance, …) and even sending content to friends creating in a store a new ways to interact.
  • The store can also be “augmented” by adding digital installations: connected screens for instance are a real plus for customers. Virtual fitting room, make up try, product personalization , … everything is possible in one place!
  • Build your brand’s image: today innovation is the key to keep the client interested. More than a simple tool, AR is a creative universe that can imagine new environments and even design a new look for stores or their exterior ( see our Adidas campaign for Hardwired), or enter in the event itself. More that a simple trend AR is here to stay; let’s do it in a creative way !

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