Facebook has made AR ads available through its Ad Manager

13 December 2019 • by Cédric Deniaudless than a minute of reading
preview Facebook has made AR ads available through its Ad Manager

Facebook announced that augmented reality (AR) ads are now available to all marketers through its ad manager, Facebook Ads.

It is now therefore became possible to use and incorporate AR effect directly inside its advertising campaigns created and shared in the Facebook’s feed.


We were the first agency in France to use augmented reality through an experience with Citroën France in Facebook Messenger (more information: http://atomicdigital.design/portfolio/citroen). It’s consequently a major advancement allowing a broader push of AR advertising experiences.

Spark AR has been publicly available to consumers on both Facebook and Instagram since late 2018, although only a few selected brands have been able to use the tech in their advertising campaign directly displayed in the Facebook feed. With that announcement on Facebook AR Ads, the Fracebook’s goal is double:

  • Answering to the marketers’ demand of creating immersive and interactive experiences in order to stand out within older platforms in the netizen uses. The ad must always be marked with creativity and innovation to answer its primary objectives (notoriety, recall of messages, pictures…)

  • Mark its territory on the social commerce and particularly on Instagram (even if the announcement only involves Facebook in the first time). We know that the social commerce (e-commerce directly incorporated in social network) is a strategic focus for Facebook particularly against Google who, with the new failure with Google+, can’t fight on this field. Furthermore, Snapchat was a pioneer on the call-to-action, present on a Lens experience; The user could be redirected to a personalized URL (e-shop, landing page,…)

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