Promoting your brand on Instagram in AR it’s now possible

26 August 2019 • by Antoine Vu2 min of reading
preview Promoting your brand on Instagram in AR it’s now possible

It’s official: since August 13th, it’s Instagram’s turn to include Spark AR the platform that allows the users to create and publish filters ( or AR effect) in augmented reality.

Augmented reality now more accessible on social network

The release of the beta version of Spark AR underlines the will to offer more language element, interactions, possibilities for creators, digital agencies & brands. With the fast and massive acceptance of stories, Facebook like Snapchat hasn’t stop proposing new tools to create better contents. Our participation to the first launch phase of Spark AR for PNL strongly confirms it: more than 3 millions users for the first week !

More than just simple filters, augmented reality ( RA or AR) moves the discussion forward between accounts and subscribers. Renewing the social network’s experience comes from more interaction: the opening of Spark AR ( link) leads to new possibilities for creators and interessed brands. The relevance and coherence of your accounts and contents are build with each publication: we’ll help you achieve it!

Spark AR introduces its Effect Gallery section offering new visual effects created by the creators’s community already present on the platform. At myReality it’s very simple: we’re already Facebook’s partner and so we produce personalized filters (or effects) for you using all the ressources ( knowing its limitations) of Spark AR!

Improved stories to get you closer to your audience

Instagram’s success can’t be ignored and the introduction of stories in 2016 allowed the platform to reinforce the impact of each account: subscriptions are increasing, immense visibility, more interactions, … and at the same time offering a multitude of creative possibilities. Spark AR boosts your storytelling integrating the user in your message, strengthening the experience at its maximum! Try a new product, dive into your universe? It’s officially possible!

Screenshot Instagram

What is it really about? Improved content is not only visual creation but also includes all the interaction possibilities of the platform: an entire universe of possibilities where our artistic and technical knowledge will bring you the best content possible with:

  • Tracking : the bases of augmented reality with facial, body and hands recognition to bring the experience to its maximum
  • Patch Editor: sound control, creation of specific interactions and wished visual effects
  • Background Segmentation: the possibility to separate the user from its environment and recreate your universe, the chosen scenery.
  • AR location: decide on the location to use your filter to associate the digital experience to a physical location.
  • Semantic Scene understanding: create interaction linked to a known context ( heat effect around a cup of coffee, …)

For the user, the new Instagram interface offers multiple ways to test new filters with AR effects:

  • On your account a new tab lists all the available filters
  • In your story when your fans see your filter, they can access it
  • For your followers, it’s in the filter’s menu
  • Through a specific URL that you can share outside the platform

Access personalized filters is now easier; today more than a billion persons use contents created with Spark AR.
Beside audience you’ll also be able to measure the true impact of your stories with 3 key factors et accurate datas to run your social media campaigns: prints for the filter’s poster, the screenshots saved of photos and videos when the filter is used and the share or number of publication of the filter in story.

To learn more on Spark AR:

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