Using Filters with augmented reality to promote artists

8 August 2019 • by Antoine Vu3 min of reading
preview Using Filters with augmented reality to promote artists
preview PNL – Au DD

For 20 years the musical industry – and cultural industry in general; has been reinventing itself around new technologies. From communicating about events to artists’ management, marketing services have totally adopted new social platforms and their ability to reach fans. In 2019 it’s for the french duo PNL that our agency created the first filter in augmented reality ( RA – see our dedicated page) on Instagram in France with 3 billion users in a week! Let’s go back on this real social media “buzz”.

Create innovative content for Instagram

This spring the famous group PNL launched their third album; Deux frères a true success that bested a few french records in terms of sales and streaming. To continue on this path a month later the group decided to offer its fans the first Instagram filter in augmented reality. The result? two options: a selfie mode to play with the different tones of style and colors of the record’s cover or the other camera of the smartphone to see an emblematic character from the music video Au DD dance. This proposal was immediately successful with a few billion Instagram user convinced and an increase of their followers number.

Produced by myReality Design in partnership with Instagram and the independent QLF label, the filter uses in exclusivity the resources of the owner software of Facebook : Spark AR for Instagram (link). For now the creation platform of the social network is only available to independent creators and brands ( or official accounts) selected ( the beta version opened a few weeks ago). Atomic is the first agency to associate itself to Instagram and produce content for involved talents. Collaborating with those two artists, we needed to associate their artistic DNA with technical subtleties that are part of the creation process of augmented reality.

For our studio, production is done with known tools but with a all other level of expectations: first of all a 3D scan mobilizing more than 170 cameras to build together the entire dancer in synthesis images, then a shooting in motion capture to record his movement.
The most important part is to make those elements part of a filter meeting all the technical requirements of Spark AR and mobile terminals. On this particular point, myReality.Design works closely with Instagram France to deliver the best content possible.

“(…) when you come to virtual reality and augmented reality, there are no boundaries yet. So that means for the art form, you’re freer as artists to think outside of these boundaries that the technology put around us.” – (source)

A true and immediate media and communication success !

Instinctively the word of mouth played its role and the press impact that followed shows the group’s popularity and innovation in their way of communicating with specialized medias ( music, tech, …) and the general audience:
Mouv RapRnb Grazia Purebreak CNEWS Influenth Melty and other medias quickly used the information. PNL capability to reach an audience aside, the new storytelling that the augmented reality offers within the app is really seducing ( Instagram had 14 billion active monthly users in France by the end of 2018). 

The musical marketing know that innovation is a way to conquer fans and so social media platforms are perfect to create a constant dialogue with each of them.
Thinking about augmented reality allows them to develop the available vocabulary to get close to the existing codes. If interactive filters are more popular in the fashion world, possibilities for artists are exponential. With fan communities already won, adding AR to a marketing plan leads to an immediate increase in interactions and subscriptions.

Here are some numbers to remember, today Instagram is:

  • More than a billion users
  • 80% of them are following brands’ accounts
  • 64% of the 18-29 years population uses Instagram ( which is popular more than ever!)
  • In average they spend 53 minutes on the network daily, it makes it the 2nd most consulted network after Facebook

Play to the current trendy network; with the new storytelling possibilities that augmented reality offers with the stories, it’s not a simple message that you deliver. It’s a true experience that includes your audience. The success of the stories on the entire platforms can’t be denied anymore (lien). Today we create for Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and often in partnership with their french teams ( see a few contents).

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more and test the filter !

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