🚀 Zoom in augmented reality events! 🤩

31 October 2019 • by Antoine Vuless than a minute of reading
preview 🚀 Zoom in augmented reality events! 🤩
mR | Newsletter of October 31, 2019

🧳 Dior x Rimowa

preview Dior x Rimowa

On the occasion of the partnership between DIOR and RIMOWA houses, the luxury brand wanted to mark the occasion with an immersive experience in augmented reality.

Which gives life to the creations of Kim Jones, artistic director of the Dior men’s collections, through a futuristic car (we let you guess which one 🙂 where you can find the Dior x Rimowa suitcase product inside.

This AR filter is part of an international campaign, and will be available and geo-located in stores in Paris, Dubai and Miami in early December.

adidas Nuit Blanche🏃‍♀️

On October 5, “La Grande Traversée” took place in Paris for “La Nuit Blanche” event, in collaboration with Adidas.

A race that allowed everyone to rediscover the capital and its museums, all night long, in an incredible atmosphere.

Many users have immortalized this moment with the AR filter available on both Instagram and Snapchat. Find the making-of of this event:

preview adidas – Nuit Blanche Paris

🎮 Paris Games Week - Shadow

preview Shadow PGW

Shadow is the creator of the powerful cloud gaming PC.

For the Paris Games Week 2019, Shadow stands out with a setup entirely… in the cloud! Featuring an augmented reality “portal” filter on Snapchat in order to allow visitors to discover the world of Shadow, in a completely gaming and vintage environment.

You have until Sunday to find out!

Bpifrance Inno Generation 👔

Bpifrance returned on October 10 for the 5th edition of its Inno Generation event.

For this largest business gathering in Europe and its 45,000 participants, Bpifrance launched its augmented reality filter on Instagram, which allows everyone to share their entrepreneurial style!

preview Bpifrance Inno Génération

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