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What's an Augmented Reality Face Mask?

By definition, an Augmented Reality (AR) Face mask allows you to experiment AR products using your mobile front camera. As a matter of fact, brands use Face masks (also known as Face filters) a lot due to the huge success of the selfie trend. We – at – are specialized in creating outstanding AR Facemask to enhance your digital brand identity.

How does AR Face Mask work?

Basically, Face Mask technology allows users to display (through the mobile camera)
AR objects tracked on their faces.

Imagine the Face Mask User experience

First, we need to determine the user experience (UX), is it a makeup effect? A mini-game filter? A full covering mask? Can the user interact with the face mask by blinking, opening his mouth or smiling?

Create outstanding AR Face Masks

Then, we create assets (they can be in 2D or 3D) according to the lens concept you choose and your brand graphic chart. AR object can be pretty much everything you want, no creative limit! Except that the size must fit in 4 mo for SnapChat Lenses and 2 mo for Facebook/Instagram Effects.

Program sweet interactions

It’s now time to develop the awesome details of your concept. For instance, the game mechanics or the different behaviours of a Make up tutorial.

Spread the Love

Finally, we deploy and upload your filter in the different platform you choose depending on your audience. SnapChat, Facebook or Instagram.