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What is an Augmented Reality Marker?

A Marker in Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to augment a poster, a magasine cover our even a business card. With your mobile camera, scan those images and display virtual objects. From print to digital, at, we support and guide you on your AR Marker projects.

How does AR Markers work?

Augmented Reality Marker technologie recognizes an image and display a virtual content on top of it. This content become visible thanks to your smartphone camera, when it scans the image (Marker) with your favorite social app, such as Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook.

Create a user experience with a Marker.

The quality of your experience mostly relies on the tracking level of your Marker. Choose a image with details, asymmetry and texts rather than a simple shape.

Create outstanding augmented Markers!

Let’s Creativity do the Magic now! Mainly in 3D and according to your brand graphic guidelines, our creativity has no litmit! Ok maybe one… you cannot exceed the weight limitation imposed by the platforms, which is set at 4mo.

Program innovative interactions

It’s now the moment to develop your concept. For instance, game mechanics or customization features of your product.

Spread the Love

And finally, we deploy and publish your filter on the different social platforms according to your target audience. Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram.